Old and New

It has been a busy couple weeks for me and I have not been able to get into my shop except for a few days. My father has a small insurance/collision shop and I have been writing some estimates and locating parts so we can do some work there. What I have done at my shop is paint some small pieces for my next project. I had a customer contact me to paint an early 1950′s international Farmall farm tractor. He is dismantling it and doing the reassembly work. He came to me for painting and advice on the restoration process. The tractor itself was delivered last Thursday after it had first been steamed cleaned to get the grease off then sand blasted to get the paint off.

Looks like there's a small oil leak!

Looks like there’s a small oil leak!

For me there’s an interesting story behind this tractor. My customer’s father bought this tractor new and his brother had repainted it sometime in the 1980′s. And, he, his brother, and his nephew all worked together to dismantle it.

As far as the Model A coupe goes, I’m almost done with it. I have one more sanding on the left side then repair the rear body panel and the panel in between the back window and the rumble seat lid – both small panels. Of course I have to sand and re-prime it all over but I can’t imagine I’ll have more than 25 hours doing those things. Unfortunately, I’ve had to tuck it into the corner so the tractor could come in and be protected from the weather. I shouild be able to work both jobs efficiently by working on one while products on the other are drying.

Soon to be gone :-(.

Soon to be gone :-( .

Thanks for reading. I’ll continue to post pictures as the work gets done. -Kevin

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