Discovering the Potential for ‘Primer Pop’

IMG_1540 The first indication that I had a problem with the primer showed up when I started grinding the doors. Even though the doors were new, they had many dents along the edges. As I started grinding, the primer started coming off in small circles instead of just from the sand on the grinding disk.

I had a couple problems once I noticed the factory primer popping. First, I needed to show myself and my customer that it wasn’t an issue with the doors only. To do that I laid several strips of masking tape on the trunk lid and left quarter panel then pulled/yanked them up.

Sure enough, the primer came off with the tape. My second problem was how to remove the primer. My choices were sand it off, sand blast it, or have the body and parts chemically dipped and strip it that way. Each choice has its own pros, cons, and costs. As it was, I chose a combination of sanding and sand blasting. I wasn’t a huge fan of the chemical dipping but the more I research different methods and and post-dipping treatments, I’m becoming more open to the procedure. More on that in another post… Thanks for reading – KevinIMG_1572


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