Right side is done

There wont be a lot of writing here I don’t think. I got the right quarter panel in primer yesterday and the rest of the right side in primer today. This is just the first coat so I’ve used a guide coat then I will block sand it and apply the final coat of primer before it goes to the painter.     The flat area of the door was the most work. The rest, like the reveals around the windows and door jams, was just detail work. – Not very phyically taxing but time consuming. It may not seem like […] Read more »

The body work 1928 Ford Model A Coupe

            The first coat usually goes in the roughest area and the filler is built out from there. You can really save some time and effort by starting the sanding slightly early while the filler is still a bit soft. Just be sure and keep a blow-gun handy to blow out the sand paper frequently. The best grit I’ve found to rough-in large areas like this is 24. It’s fast but there are some tearing issues like shown in the second picture. There are also ways to be efficient while the filler is drying completely. […] Read more »