1929 Model A Roadster Beginning

019In June of 2012 I was hired to paint a remanufactured 1929 Ford Model A Roadster body for a customer who had spent the better part of 3 years trying to get 2 different body shops to complete just the paint work.

It seemed like an easy enough task to me; some sanding and the rest of the work simply slinging a spray gun. I hadn’t worked very long on it before I ran into two surprising problems. The first problem was that the manufacturer had not used metal etch primer. I had to remove all of the primer that was on the the body and replace it. The second surprise was the number of dents and ‘waves’ left in the body panels during assembly. What surprised me most was that it was still shipped to my customer like that. After some research I found that this is a common practice on many after market bodies including a 1946 Willys Jeep I’m getting ready to paint.  As I write here, I plan to take us all on a trip from bare metal all the way through to final paint. Thanks for reading. -Kevin

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