1928 Model A Coupe

IMG_0888No railIMG_0910This is a Model A Special Coupe – or I’ve heard it called a business coupe. If you will notice, IMG_0914the right rear quarter panel is quite rusty. Actually the left quarter panel is too as well as the trunk floor and rear sub-frame rails. I was hired to replace the frame rails, floor pans, wheel houses, and rear body panels. After I’m done welding, it will go to the stripper and come back to me for the bodywork. Working on a Model A is almost like working on a toy car except for using a mig welder instead of glue.

The first step was to square up the body by replacing the sub frame rails. Without doing that, there’s is no way to be sure the wheel house panels or rear body panel is properly aligned. Luckily there was enough left of the floor pans to maintain the cross member placement and allow me to just slip the new rail in without much measurement or hassle. In the second and third pictures, you can see clearly the level of deterioration in the rear rails by looking at the left one. The final picture shows the new right rail simply fitted into place. As I am writing this, all the welding is done and the car has just been delivered to the stripper for chemical dipping.

Thanks for reading. -Kevin

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